Firearms Myth #3: Nobody Needs Guns

hitler second amendment

A common question that non-gun owners ask is “Why do you need guns”? A common response to this question is usually “Because the second amendment allows me to” or “why does anyone need anything”? While there is some truth behind these arguments, I am going into more depth than that.

First, we should look at the importance of the second amendment and why it is in the Bill of Rights. The founding fathers of the Constitution put a lot of importance on the right to bear arms, as it was made the second amendment only after the freedom of speech. I do not think it would be stretch to say that they wrote the Bill of Rights in the order of importance. It should be clear that the founding fathers cared about freedom of speech due to the tyrannical British monarchy that denied them this basic right. The Bill of Rights was set up so that the people would not be denied the basic rights that they needed to protect their freedom. This was where the second amendment came in. Of course it is important to have the right to speak up against a tyrannical government, but what happens if they still don’t uphold your rights? Well, the founding fathers set up the Constitution so that if the government ever takes the rights of the  people away or if the government is no longer protecting the rights of the people, then the people have the right to alter or abolish it. Now, imagine how a government who is already not acting in the interest of the people will react to them trying to alter or abolish them. Probably not too kindly. The founding fathers had this in mind, and knew that firearms were the only way to fight against the british government because trying to negotiate peacefully had failed. They were smart and knew that in the future if similar actions took place, people would need to be armed to protect their rights.


The first reason why people need guns is to protect their rights in extreme situations, which the founding fathers agreed with, and I believe that the second reason is to be able to provide the nation with defense if needed. At one point, it was required by law that every man of fighting age owned a firearm in case of war. Clearly America has changed since then, but there is still an important principle in being able to defend the country if it is needed.

gun free zone 2

Natives gun control

This leads me to the next reason to own firearms: self defense. Whether it be in your home, out food shopping, or in your car, if you are confronted by a criminal with a gun, realistically your own defense would be your own gun. It is believed that police are the first responders to an emergency, but really the first responders are the people in the situation. Regardless of your views of firearms, it is more than likely that if a criminal pulled out a gun where you were, you would feel safer if you had your own gun so you had at least a chance to stop them. This is because regardless of the law, criminals will always possess guns if they wish to.

The fourth reason why people need guns is sport. There are plenty of opportunities to use firearms for hunting, various shooting sports such as speed shooting or three gun competitions, or just target shooting in general. Is it so hard to believe that people like guns just as a shooting hobby?

Now, this being said, why do so many people have a problem with someone collecting firearms? People own cars that don’t need to be able to go 140 miles per hour. People don’t need to be able to drink alcohol and become impaired. However, these things exist and are dangerous but people seem to overlook more prevalent dangers in everyday life. The way I see it is that if someone purchases firearms legally, they shouldn’t be questioned. The method to purchase firearms is set up so that if they go through the process legally and are able to buy a firearm, then they are competent to do so. Statistics prove that those people won’t hurt anyone.

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