Firearms Myth #9: Gun Owners Do Not Care About Safety

not gun safety

***This is showing the opposite of gun safety. Never point the barrel of a gun at yourself, or anything you do not intend to shoot, whether the gun is loaded or not***

In the heat of political debates, and media propaganda personifying guns, its easy for some anti-gun activists to think that gun owners do not care about safety. It is important to remember that we all are just human, and in most cases, no one on either side wants people to be harmed by firearms. Also, those who are looking to hurt people are probably not the ones who protest at Washington D.C., write letters to their congress men and women, and do research on the subject,  but instead just go out and do it anyway.

In a previous post, “Firearms Myth #4: Gun Owners Are Criminals”, I analyzed the reasons why it is gun owners best interests to abide by the law. These same reasons apply to why gun owners care about safety-it is in their best interest to do so. If gun owners did not practice safe firearm handling and usage, the government would start to crack down more on gun laws, which no respectful gun owner wants because you already need to be extremely law abiding in the status quo in order to own a firearm. Furthermore, if gun owners do not practice, teach, and advocate safe gun usage, their own safety is at risk at well. No one wants to go to a shooting range or hunting ground where people do not show safety and respect for firearms because it would be extremely dangerous for them.

NRA Logo

Although some people think that this organization is part of the illuminati, hates babies, and is just comprised of neo-confederates who want guns at any cost, the National Rifle Association (NRA) is one of, if not the biggest supporters of firearms safety. The NRA holds thousands of safety classes a year all across the United States, in multiple categories of gun safety for men and women alike. According to its training website, the NRA has “…more than 97,000 instructors and range safety officers, more than 5,700 coaches, and more than 1,800 training counselors”. The NRA puts a lot of money towards safety training because again, it reflects the benevolence of law abiding gun owners.

Just to show you that gun owners care about safety, here is an iraqveteran8888 video on gun safety. Enjoy, and remember that above all else, safety is the most important gun issue!

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